Congility 2014

Congility is definitively Europe’s foremost content strategy conference for component and structured content and is gearing up for its 7th year. Join us and learn more about giving content agility and how it can benefit you and your organization.

Finally, no longer ahead of its time

Since 2006 the Congility team has been looking at overcoming format boundaries, multi-device delivery, structure and semantics, and user-lead information design for increased ROI. Back then, we were on the absolute bleeding edge. Now our whole industry is buzzing about how multichannel and even omnichannel strategies impact how we work and how we create, manage and deliver our content. Join the event that shows you not only what’s happening, but what’s going to happen.

WebWorks Presentation

Evolution of the knowledge broker: trading your content for revenue
Speaker: Christopher Ward

Today, content creators have an opportunity to position content as the most pivotal asset to a company’s continued success. The world has changed and users now want instant access to information. Content creators have to evolve into Knowledge Brokers and align their processes with the company’s business strategy. This session discusses the powerful role Knowledge Broker content plays in business strategy. It also covers the correct workflow that is needed to generate revenue through documentation. Finally, it looks at methods used to deliver content across multiple devices and the method that is most effective and why. If you want to increase the role of documentation in your business strategy, this presentation will give you the right mindset when looking at strategies for your content.

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