“Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed yesterday’s ePublisher 101 class. I found it very informative and easy to follow. I wish there had been more time to go deeper on some of the formatting (stripping page numbers from HTML, for example), though I understand there was a lot of material […]

David | Principal Technical Writer

About ePublisher Training 101… “….. I learned quite a bit. I already use many of the features you discussed (groups, multiple targets, reports for context-sensitive). But now that I understand the stationery aspect and the idea of the project versus program, I can offer up some better target recommendations.”

Heather | Technical Writer

We also test on the iPhone and had noted that it is fine on that device. Very strange, as you say. Sorry I hadn’t mentioned this to you before. WW really is amazing – the way it handles all these different platforms! Thanks for looking into this.

Philip | Publishing Manager

I think it’s a good idea to continue down the path of rebuilding the stationery just to get a clean build with the current version of the program. Fortunately, Designer makes it easy, because I can easily spot which areas have overrides in Style Designer and which don’t. I have the old and new projects […]

Suzette | Sr. Technical Writer

I’ve been a WebWorks user for years. Often I’ve looked at the competition but for a FrameMaker user there really is nothing better at doing the job quickly and efficiently. One click really is one-click.

Julian | Documentation Manager

I discovered WebWorks products fairly early on in my career as a technical writer. ePublisher has always done what I want and quickly, so I have never been encouraged to explore other HAT systems. Since I cannot really compare ePublisher to any other HATs, I’ll tell you why I always encourage my workplaces and other […]

Nadine | Technical Writer

While there are other important differentiators, the one that made my company choose ePublisher over RoboHelp is 508 compliance. Our government clients absolutely insist on 508 compliance, and after looking into it, the RoboHelp output is truly not 508-compliant, even though it claims to be. ePublisher’s output, on the other hand, with the self-tests and […]

Tom | Senior Technical Writer

I Just wanted to send you a note to say how nice it is to have WebWorks ePublisher again. No post-processing anymore. No need to create special styles in Framemaker just to work around problems in the help system generation. Decent search results. And I can pretty much make the output look however I want. […]

Katherine | Director

I just thought I would take a minute to let you know that we have already delivered our first Online Help system using the WebWorks ePublisher. This week, one of our products was being released to our Training server. We intended on sending this phase of our Online Help system out using our old tool […]

Pamela | Director