Whitepaper Series Completed: Let us know what you think!

Posted on: October 5th, 2011 9 Comments

WebWorks has completed their 3 part whitepaper series titled “The Evolution of Online Help.” Since its release, this whitepaper series received great feedback from the technical writing community.

We’ve prepared a short two-question survey based on your technical writing role. We’ll release the results once we have everyone’s responses.


We want to hear from you!
Comment on this blog post and let us know what you thought about this whitepaper series.  Do you agree or disagree?  What do you think the future holds for technical writers? 

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  1. I’m embarrassed to admit I haven’t read it yet, but I plan to.

  2. Excellent white paper series! I always appreciate the relevancy and readability of Webworks white papers. I look forward to reading The Evolution of Online Help!

  3. Carolyn Knittel says:

    The survey link is dead….

    The point of the whitepaper series seems to be how involving users – giving them a piece of pie and making them feel good by allowing input via “social media” – will somehow improve the quality of the end-user help we provide for our products. A company can engage customers in product enhancement requests to upper management, but I cannot buy into the idea that leading users to believe they can influence the content we provide is of any use in providing quality documentation. ePublisher makes it easier to produce what users need; accuracy and presentation service the product, not the whim of a user who wants to complain about terminology or comma placement. And please, stop denigrating the value of what you call “English majors” in a world where people who actually convey information in readable English are in short supply.

  4. Tim McAuley says:

    This preoccupation with social media and enabling user participation is peripheral to the real challenges faced by companies and their technical communicators. Document management in the business world is rapidly being dominated by SharePoint. Forget about Wiki and Facebook: What are WebWorks plans for Sharepoint?

  5. christopher says:

    Hi Tim,
    Thank you for your comment. I agree that SharePoint is emerging in the business world. It stillneeds some development before it can compete with larger more complete CMSsystems, but I do not think that is far away and companies are finding more andmore uses for the program. What we are doing at Quadralay is learning moreabout how companies are deploying SharePoint and then building solutions aroundit. In most cases we have an effective solution, but we would still like tocollect some more information, so my first question for you is how your companyuses SharePoint and what problems are you facing.

    Second, the value we see in user participation throughsocial media is in customer retention. Increasing a company’s customerretention by 2% has the same effect as cutting cost by 10%. Giving that enduser a medium for feedback that they prefer will increase their experience andretain that customer. With that information, does it shed some light as to why Quadralay thinks that is important?

  6. christopher says:

    Hi Carolyn –

    Thank you for your comment. My immediate concern after reading it was that you feel we are denigrating the value of “English Majors”. I did not write the White Paper, but you have my word that was never our intent. Can you please show me where we do that so I can have it changed?

  7. christopher says:

    Hi Eugene –

    Thank you for the comment and your support. We will continue to try and bring relevancy and readability to all of our releases. Be sure to check out are library at http://www.webworks.com/Resources/Whitepaper_Library/

  8. christopher says:

    Hi Donna –

    Thank you for the comment and do not worry. We put all our White Papers in the library on our website for your convenience. Be sure to come back here and give us some feedback when you do read them.

  9. Julian Weiss says:

    Excellent series – my only criticism is I wanted more meat – some information about the technical difficulties of coping today with links to examples of how documentation is being presented in Wikis or iPhones or on Facebook.

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