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LavaCon 2018 Wrap Up

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LavaCon 2018 Wrap Up


Content Management in a Business Strategy: Customer Experience = Value

LavaCon was a great success this year! There were a plethora of awe-inspiring breakout sessions and workshops that taught us how to write strategic content for the technology-driven zombiefied hoards we face on the day to day. We at WeWorks had a great time speaking with all of you and learning what essential needs you face during this apocalyptic time for documentation.

We wanted to take this opportunity to reach out and let you know that we heard you.

Break Down Silos, Guide Your Customer’s Experience

Own Your Search: Breaking down silos continues to be a common need in the TECOM world. Many of your customers have become frustrated with disconnected documentation that requires too many steps to find the answers they really need. With ePublisher we give you complete control of your search giving you the option to span silos putting all content in one central location. With a fully customizable search, you get to determine the scope of your search connecting document silos and the order in which results will display, helping your customer find what they need quickly.

To learn more about search download our free trial here.

Measure and Improve Your ROI

No Guess Work: Knowing if your documentation is effective has been a mystery in the industry for years. Content creators continue to look for answers because if it can be measured accurately, it can be improved dramatically. ePublisher has unlocked the most accurate way to measure customer engagement through Google analytics event tracking. Using ePublisher to deliver your content will give you the power to get the most out of your documentation and prove to your bosses the value you add to the organization.

To learn more about analytics download our White Paper here.

In publishing, customer experience is the only sure way to guarantee an ROI. This can’t be done through a “best guess” strategy. You need to be able to measure your efforts and have the proper tools to make changes in response to your analysis.

Publishing with ePublisher is the only way to get both measured results and the tools to improve them, guaranteed with the most advanced technology available and 25 years of experience to support your success.

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Happy Snowman Donut Award

Posted on: February 1st, 2011 No Comments

ePublisher 2010.3 shipped on January 13th, 2011.  Those of us in Development gave a big sigh of relief.  And our favorite Sales manager, Christopher Ward, presented me with the coveted “Happy Snowman Donut” Award. (more…)

Sketching the Future

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I, like most folks, am fascinated by the future.  The reason is pretty clear.  All present possibilities may become realities in the future.  Years ago, I was happy to wait for others to create a future for me (Thanks Steve!).  I began creating a future for myself back in college; began shipping a future to other people in the form of WebWorks Publisher in the mid-1990s.Lately, I’ve been working with the rest of the team to improve our process for realizing the future.  We started back in 2009 with the RoundUp 2009 feedback session.  This year, I asked for reader’s help in last month’s Focus, Focus, Focus blog entry.  Those ideas have been added to the great material users submitted as enhancement requests on the WebWorks wiki since 2006.It’s time to start turning those possibilities into reality, one sketch at a time! (more…)