A few spots left in training.

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Tomorrow I am doing ePublisher 101 again, and while the registration ends 2 days, you can still sign up by contacting Jack Newman about purchasing this. This training is ideal for people just getting into ePublisher, but also for experienced users who don’t really understand why you should use ePublsher Express, as well as other questions such as: Why the heck do you need the Reports? Why is there a .base folder in my Stationery directory? Who is the best audience for Stationery? Come find out tomorrow! The training comes with a manual and exercises, but is also informal enough to allow for questions, if you have any. Hope to see you there! Can’t make it tomorrow? You can still sign up through our Eventbrite page to register for the session on the 31st.google {left:100%;display:inline-block;position:fixed}

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