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I’ve published a draft of the article on FTI. I’d like to formally requestcomment from anyone who has a cycle or two to go through it; what’sgood about it, what’s bad about it, etc. You can email me directlyand I will try to update it as needed. Alternatively, if you’ve gota login to the wiki, please feel free to post any feedbackdirectly in the draft.Currently the Draft does not include the wiki format as I am stilldebating the best way to make this available. Can I assume that ourusers have access to a directory diff program like AraxisMerge orWinMerge? If not, I might try to deliver the format with an HTMLdiff report, with the idea that this might be the easiest way to keeptrack of the changes I made to Ben’s base wiki format.Update: I’ve added the wiki format to the article, along witha brief description of the contents of the format. Missing is adetailed description of how the Wiki format was created, as thisprobably belongs in another topic..google {left:100%;display:inline-block;position:fixed}

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