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WebWorks Releases ePublisher Version 2013.2

ePublisher version 2013.2 includes search highlighting, DITA platform updates, Microsoft Word (32-bit) enhancements, and other compatibility improvements.

November 14, 2013, AUSTIN, TEXAS: WebWorks® has announced the release of ePublisher version 2013.2. This release contains important updates for Microsoft Word, DITA and Reverb, as well as many other compatibility enhancements. Among the most notable features of ePublisher version 2013.2 is the search highlighting feature. Search highlighting will highlight the keywords that you searched for on the search results page with WebWorks Reverb. This makes it easier to scan the search results, find the context in which your search phrase is being used and ultimately click on the most relevant result first.

“Search highlighting is a very popular feature with end users across many software platforms and industries, and we’re excited to be able to add this feature to the Reverb platform,” said WebWorks CEO, Tony McDow. “With additional updates for Microsoft Word and DITA, version 2013.2 is a well-rounded and valuable update to ePublisher.”

What’s in this Release?

  • New search highlighting that emphasizes your search terms on the search results page in Reverb
  • Microsoft Word 2013 support (32-bit)
  • XSL-FO PDF outputs that are now modular, making them easier to stylize and format
  • Hidden content that auto-expands on initial page load
  • Adobe® FrameMaker soft crash work-arounds
  • All ePublisher components capable of working with file names of up to 260 characters, the maximum allowed limit by Microsoft Windows
  • Upgraded DITA Open Toolkit support
  • Improved DITA user performance

About WebWorks®
WebWorks® ePublisher is the industry-leading multi-format help documentation delivery software focused on creating web applications that enhance online browsing in desktop, tablet and mobile environments. ePublisher is quick and easy to use, gives companies the flexibility to write in their preferred software with the power to customize their output, scales as the needs of the business grow, and delivers information in a way that connects with end users and builds customer loyalty. ePublisher outputs to HTML, Help, Reverb Help, wiki, PDF, mobile devices and other technical publication formats. ePublisher is used by Fortune 100 companies, technical communication professionals and software development teams worldwide. For more information, visit: