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WebWorks ePublisher Announces Native Toolbar Integration with Adobe FrameMaker and Microsoft Word

Leading multi-format Help documentation delivery software continues to increase efficiency of technical communication teams, enable greater connection with end users.

MAY 17, 2011, AUSTIN, TEXAS: WebWorks®, a leading multi-format Help documentation delivery software company, today announced the latest release of ePublisher, 2011.1, which includes native toolbar integration for Adobe FrameMaker and Microsoft Word.

Native toolbar integration enables users of ePublisher to easily access conformance reports and single-click output previews, increasing overall user efficiency.

WebWorks® CEO Tony McDow says the latest ePublisher release is in line with the company’s goal of enabling help documentation to connect with their intended end users in any environment.

“Our ultimate goal is to build an easy-to-use tool that allows technical communication teams to easily get content in the hands of their end users,” says McDow. “In order to do that, you have to keep authoring environments clean and simple, and of course, provide output to formats that your users actually use day-to-day. Toolbar integration is one piece of that puzzle. You can expect many more enhancements in the future that emphasize providing clean and simple authoring environments.”

Over the past 18 months the company has maintained a strategic focus on the importance of keeping content produced by technical communication teams in front of the end users for which it was designed.

In January 2011, the company released WebWorks® Reverb Help, the first help authoring tool format designed to leverage the speed, social and data mining functionality of the internet—making it easier for end users to find companies’ help pages and individual help topics via search engines.

Reverb differs from presently available browser capable help formats such as MadCap Flare and Adobe RoboHelp by offering support for user communities with social plugins such as Facebook, Twitter and Disqus.

Reverb also includes Google SiteSearch integration and Google Analytics—giving them the ability to pinpoint hotspots and areas for further review based on usage history.

Current ePublisher customers with active maintenance and upgrade agreements will receive access to the ePublisher 2011.1, as well as WebWorks® Reverb Help as part of the continual growth of the ePublisher product. Companies seeking assistance with deploying Help content via browser or to mobile devices can learn more at

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