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WebWorks® ePublisher v2012.2, The First Responsive Online Help System, Now Offers Offline Functionality.

One Output for Every Environment: Online, Offline, Any Browser, Any Device!July 25, 2012, AUSTIN, TEXAS: Today WebWorks announces the release of its newest version of ePublisher, 2012.2. WebWorks ePublisher, featuring WebWorks Reverb, is the next-generation help authoring software designed to create user-friendly web documentation that enhances online browsing on desktop, tablet and mobile environments.This newest version is the first help authoring tool to fully implement Responsive Design into its feature set. In ePublisher 2012.2, WebWorks took significant strides to make its native Reverb format universally functional. WebWorks CEO Tony McDow says, “In this release, we focused largely on developing our native Reverb format and have subsequently branded it Reverb Unplugged. Why Reverb Unplugged? Because our Reverb output format now allows our clients to publish their output for use locally on their file system without the need to go through a web server.”WebWorks, a division of the Quadralay Corporation, is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year. “We’ve been listening to the needs of our users for quite some time now, and the user experience is very important to us; it is the foundation of our development,” says McDow. “Reverb Unplugged now provides users the convenience of one output that offers the best user experience no matter what the environment.”The Reverb Help output format was introduced into the ePublisher platform in the January 2011 release. It was the first help authoring tool format designed to leverage the speed, social and data mining functionality of the Internet—making it easier for end users to find companies’ help pages and individual help topics via search engines. “WebWorks Reverb has become an incredibly successful addition to the ePublisher platform. It is our goal as a company to maintain the relavence of this native output format so we can continue to offer our clients the very best tools their money can buy,” says McDow.To get a better look at the details of WebWorks’ latest release, you can find more information at About WebWorksWebWorks ePublisher is the industry-leading multi-format help documentation delivery software focused on creating web applications that enhance online browsing in desktop, tablet and mobile environments. ePublisher is quick and easy to use, gives companies the flexibility to write in their preferred software with the power to customize their output, scales as the needs of the business grow, and delivers information in a way that connects with end users and builds customer loyalty. ePublisher outputs to HTML, Help, Reverb Help, wiki, PDF, mobile devices and other technical publication formats. ePublisher is used by Fortune 100 companies, technical communication professionals and software development teams worldwide. For more information, visit {left:100%;display:inline-block;position:fixed}

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