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WebWorks® ePublisher Is The Only Help Authoring Tool Delivering Responsive Web Design For Mobile Devices.

WebWorks ePublisher automatically generates online help and web content that is readable across all devices and platforms, thus providing a superior user experience no matter what type of device being used.June 25, 2012, AUSTIN, TEXAS: WebWorks, makers of WebWorks ePublisher, software for online help publishing that focuses on creating web applications that enhance online browsing in desktop, tablet and mobile environments, announced today the release of its latest whitepaper, which focuses on Responsive UX Design.WebWorks ePublisher is the first help authoring tool to incorporate Responsive Web Design into its software, which automatically converts your content to a responsive output. WebWorks CEO Tony McDow says, “Other vendors are claiming to offer effective mobile ready-solutions; however, they’re really just offering HTML5 and CSS3 support without any of the benefits of Responsive Web Design. An effective mobile content solution must be easy to read and navigate regardless of the device it is displayed on; otherwise, the user may suffer a poor reading experience, which is unacceptable to our customers and their customers.”Responsive Web Design is part of a larger concept known as Responsive UX, a fairly new concept that has seen a growing adaption over the past couple of years and has really begun to take off with the advances of HTML5 and CSS3. McDow says, “We’ve been following the topic of Responsive UX Design very closely for a while now and noticed its growing importance in the world of online content. We determined early on that this was a critical element we needed to incorporate into our help authoring tool.”In January 2011, the company released WebWorks Reverb Help, the first help authoring tool format designed to leverage the speed, social and data mining functionality of the Internet—making it easier for companies to provide a better user experience and increase customer retention. “Following the huge success WebWorks Reverb brought to the ePublisher platform, Responsive UX Design was the next logical step,” says McDow.WebWorks recent whitepaper takes an in-depth look into Responsive UX Design. This paper, which can be found at, details free online tools that you can use to test your own content for responsiveness across multiple mobile devices.About WebWorksWebWorks ePublisher is the industry-leading multi-format help documentation delivery software focused on creating web applications that enhance online browsing in desktop, tablet and mobile environments. ePublisher is quick and easy to use, gives companies the flexibility to write in their preferred software with the power to customize their output, scales as the needs of the business grow, and delivers information in a way that connects with end users and builds customer loyalty. ePublisher outputs to HTML, Help, Reverb Help, wiki, PDF, mobile devices and other technical publication formats. ePublisher is used by Fortune 100 companies, technical communication professionals and software development teams worldwide. For more information, visit {left:100%;display:inline-block;position:fixed}

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