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WebWorks Releases CloudDrafts™: The Dropbox for Technical Communicators!

WebWorks has filled a huge gap in the technical communication industry by combining the functionalities of GitHub and Dropbox for technical communicators. 

October 14, 2014, Austin, Texas: WebWorks has officially announced the release of CloudDrafts, a collaborative file-sharing and publishing system specifically for technical communicators. In the collaborative solutions industry, there are simple solutions (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and others) or complex version control systems like GitHub, with very little middle ground. CloudDrafts is a one-of-a-kind collaboration solution that fills the gap. It is simple enough for first-time users yet has diverse version control and collaborative features that allow for a secure and efficient workflow. With the addition of features specifically for technical communicators, like the ability to publish documentation straight from Word, FrameMaker or DITA, this software will change the collaboration workflow in the technical communication industry.

CloudDrafts is a secure, on-premises cloud solution that manages technical communication department workflow and collaboration like nothing else in the industry. Users have access to their own draft space where they can edit, create and update files to collaborate with other users or departments. CloudDrafts allows all users to push and pull their changes to the live server in a single click and to see exactly which files, and what specific content within the files have changed as they do so. CloudDrafts is an invaluable timesaving workflow management system that no technical communication team should be without.

“CloudDrafts is truly a milestone in WebWorks’ history,” said WebWorks CEO Tony McDow. “Collaboration is a vital part of any multi-writer technical communication department, but until today, writers and managers have been limited in their choice of tools. Tools like Dropbox don’t have all the necessary versioning and other features to promote a sound workflow, and version control software like GitHub was built specifically by developers for developers. We built CloudDrafts to have the best of both worlds and even included specific technical communication features, such as document management and the ability to publish documentation to multiple formats right from CloudDrafts!”

CloudDrafts Features

Secure On-Premises Cloud — When dealing with sophisticated confidential documentation, security is paramount. CloudDrafts can be hosted on-premises, allowing all of your files to be maintained behind your own firewall.

Publishing Straight from CloudDrafts — In addition to managing all project users’ drafts, comparing drafts, and seeing final drafts, you can publish documentation in CloudDrafts from Word, FrameMaker or DITA and deploy it to your needed target.

Built-In Version Control — With CloudDrafts, you will never lose any version of your documentation or individual edits, even if you try. Consider that a challenge! The ability to see all users’ past and previous drafts, compare differences, and revert to any version makes CloudDrafts a version-control powerhouse.

Monitoring of Other Project Members — (In addition to being able to see your drafts) and the final project drafts, if you have the right permissions you can also see the status of any other user’s draft. This feature and others like it make CloudDrafts the perfect workflow management tool to control the chaos of collaboration.

Project References — By organizing documentation into multiple projects, writers can organize their documentation any way they see fit while maintaining common assets or documents that can be shared across their unique project infrastructure.

CloudDrafts is available for purchase as of October 14, 2014, and personal demonstrations can be requested at

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