TIPS & TRICKS ARCHIVE #2 – ePublisher Reports

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ePublisher is not just about converting your content from one format to another. While automating the publishing process by separating it from the authoring process is one of our key objectives, another is helping you develop the most efficient high quality output possible. To do this we generate reports on what ePublisher is doing and the status of your documentation at every stage of the production pipeline.Using these reports you can easily find, and correct errors, as well as continue to fine tune your process to ensure that you deliver the best content in the most efficient manner possible.Interactive Generation Log.To monitor the process of any conversion process and get first warning of any potential issues, make sure to open the LOG window in the main ePublisher Pro interface. This can be done by selecting View à Log Window from the main menu bar.Automated ReportsAfter a project has been generated a series of reports is automatically generated and displayed in the Output Explorer window. You can also generate the reports directly without doing the full conversion process by using the Project à Generate Reports menu option.You can click on a report to open a list of known issues in the main window.Double clicking on the reported error will open the source document in the editing environment of choice, right at the point where the error originated, allowing for a quick fix to be made, without having to search the whole content stream.Alternately you can click on the Printable version of the report and open it as an XML file in a web browser.Each project can be configured to automatically generate any of the following reports:

  • Filenames
  • Links
  • Styles
  • Topics
  • Accessibility

For each report you can configure the levels and values that you want to generate a message, a warning or an error. You can also configure certain values that you may want to ignore. This will enable you to fine tune the reporting process so you can focus on particular areas of interest.To configure your reports use the Target à Target Settings menu item. In the dialog window that opens scroll down to the report type and select the value to configured and select a warning level from the drop down menu.Using the ePublisher logs and reporting features can help you develop and fine tune high quality deliverables and ensure that you can deliver your content, your way, every {left:100%;display:inline-block;position:fixed}

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